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Early Front End Engineering Design (EFEED)

The engineering foundations for the lifecycle of the project.

Historically clients conceptualise projects at a very high level for overall budget decisions. At C&I Engineering Solutions we recognise there is a requirement in the process where a small investment at this early stage of a project will save time and money throughout the FEED and detailed design phases.

We understand that our client’s time is at a premium and therefore offer a service to define and develop EFEED deliverables. Through a close working relationship we will develop quality engineering documentation to use throughout the lifecycle of the project.

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Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

Through experience and application, we recognise that the FEED stage of the overall engineering process is critical in the successful delivery of any project.

Often underestimated, this early stage of the project has the greatest level of influence and is used for the overall budget sanction for detailed design. Lack of time or investment at this stage will ultimately lead to escalating costs during the later phases of the project.

Our team of engineers work closely with our clients to ensure all aspects of the control and instrumentation scopes are covered within our studies. We understand that one model does not fit all and tailor our client FEED studies to their exact requirements.

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Detailed Design Development

Attention to detail, the cornerstone of good engineering practice.

C&I Engineering Solutions can continue our work from the EFEED & FEED stages as well as taking on new projects where the FEED work is already developed. Working with our clients procurement and construction contractors, our dedicated engineering team take the project from kick off through to close out.

Our team of competent engineers manage every aspect of the projects themselves, thus removing the costly indirect overheads often associated with detailed design delivery. Our open, honest and transparent approach to engineering ensures our clients are always aware of costs and can forecast budgets with confidence.

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Engineering Support

No matter how large or small the support requirement, we are on hand to help.

C&I Engineering Solutions offer control and instrumentation support to our clients for all stages and aspects of project development. Our team of experienced and adaptable engineers are on call at short notice to react to our clients requirements. We are able to provide support through our own offices as well as seconding engineers to client or EPC premises.

Through our extensive network of engineering specialists we are able to offer independent support in the alarm management & SIL assessment arenas.

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Commissioning Support

Often overlooked until the completion of detailed design, the commissioning of any project is critical and should be developed early alongside the engineering deliverables.

Our team of engineers, many of whom are experienced in commissioning, will work with your chosen detailed design office to develop commissioning strategies in line with client standards. We have extensive experience developing live ICSS cutover strategies that maximise our clients production and minimise any cost deferments for plant shutdowns. On completion and approval of the commissioning strategies, our team of engineers are available to either manage or assist the clients commissioning teams at site.

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As-Building & Designer Support

A project is only as good as the information it is based upon.

As-building is as equally important as all previous stages of the engineering process. If attention to detail is not given here, the next project requiring the information will undoubtedly incur increased costs. Our experienced design office can manage all aspects of the As-building process.

Utilising a mixed team of CAD ops and designers we ensure the right level of detail is given throughout the lifecycle of the As-build process.

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Why Choose Us?

C&I Engineering Solutions - Your Integrated Partner

An independent team of highly skilled engineers directly supporting our clients Facilities, Operations and Maintenance engineers in the delivery of control & instrumentation workscopes from concept through to closeout. Offering a complete range of services including EFEED, FEED, Detailed Design Development, Engineering, Commissioning, As-Building & Designer Support.
Our vastly experienced engineers are innovative in their approach whilst always operating within a quality assurance system certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2008. In addition to meeting the requirements of the standard, our quality system is based on the philosophy that the prevention of problems is preferable to rectifying them and attention to detail is the cornerstone of good engineering practice.
As a result of C&I Engineering Solutions no nonsense and dependable approach, existing clients have gained the confidence to request our services time and again.We regularly receive feedback confirming that our capabilities and integrity provide our clients with reliable and trustworthy solutions. As a result, we have formed strong working relationships with both local and international leading oil and gas companies, such as Total, BP, Nexen, Enquest, CNRI and Premier Oil.