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Early Front End Engineering Design (EFEED)

Early scope definition is key to the successful delivery of every project.

The engineering foundations for the lifecycle of the project. Historically clients conceptualise projects at a very high level for overall budget decisions. At C&I Engineering Solutions we recognise there is a requirement in the process where a small investment at this early stage of a project will save time and money throughout the FEED and detailed design phases.


Obsolescence Studies

With advancement in drilling and recovery techniques many oil and gas assets are surpassing their field expectation life for which the original equipment was designed. The vast majority of obsolescence issues centre around Solid State Relay (SSR) and early design Microprocessor based equipment. We offer independent impartial obsolescence studies across all areas of the control and instrumentation spectrum. Our clients can use our formal recommendations in their conceptual / feasibility studies.


Life Of Field Studies

With the recent downturn in oil price many Controls Improvement Projects (CIP) have been deferred or cancelled indefinitely. The ageing and often obsolete Integrated Control and Safety Systems (ICSS) still need to be maintained and supported through to the end of life of the assets. C&I Engineering Solutions offer Life of Field studies whereby both short and long term contingency plans are put in place to provide safe and reliable support of the ageing systems.

Where possible we will work closely with the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to establish the “obsolescence” status of the installed base. If equipment is found to be obsolete, we will look into the levels of support offered and availability of spare and interchangeable parts. We also work with the platform maintenance personnel to determine the current level of spares held both offshore and onshore. Our final LOF reports detail all our findings and more importantly make recommendations to our clients of how to reach the current LOF date with the existing installed base.


Statement of Requirements (SOR) Development

Working closely with our clients we will develop quality Statement of Requirements reports highlighting the design and technical aspects of the workscope. All SOR’s are tailored to suit our clients but typically cover the following areas - Background - Scope of Supply - Design Life Requirements - Overall System Architecture - Design Codes & Standards - Assumptions & Exclusions - Suggested Vendors - Obsolescence Issues.

Once reviewed and approved by our clients, the SOR’s can then be used as formal handover to the chosen Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor as base documentation for the FEED and detailed design stages.


Translation of Legacy Documentation

Many forms of legacy documentation are not readily available in a useable format. We aim to reformat existing documentation, making it clear and concise, to ensure there is no ambiguity of what is expected of vendors during the budget preparation of the FEED deliverables.

Services include:

  • Translation of existing logic/relay schematics into C&E matrices.
  • Development of I/O schedules from existing site data.
  • Conversion of unsupported obsolete ladder logic into C&E / FLD's

Why Choose Us?

C&I Engineering Solutions - Your Integrated Partner

An independent team of highly skilled engineers directly supporting our clients Facilities, Operations and Maintenance engineers in the delivery of control & instrumentation workscopes from concept through to closeout. Offering a complete range of services including EFEED, FEED, Detailed Design Development, Engineering, Commissioning, As-Building & Designer Support.
Our vastly experienced engineers are innovative in their approach whilst always operating within a quality assurance system certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2008. In addition to meeting the requirements of the standard, our quality system is based on the philosophy that the prevention of problems is preferable to rectifying them and attention to detail is the cornerstone of good engineering practice.
As a result of C&I Engineering Solutions no nonsense and dependable approach, existing clients have gained the confidence to request our services time and again.We regularly receive feedback confirming that our capabilities and integrity provide our clients with reliable and trustworthy solutions. As a result, we have formed strong working relationships with both local and international leading oil and gas companies, such as Total, BP, Nexen, Enquest, CNRI and Premier Oil.